Gorgeous Winter Makeup Look 2020

Gorgeous Winter Makeup Look 2020

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  • December 4, 2019
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Seasons changes and this brings up a vast change in a girl’s daily makeup look. And this season changes bring a wide new everyday style which is from a small bit to our makeup bags. As we know our makeup bags are changing it’s obvious the brands of the product change simultaneously.

Every girl wants to look best and sexy in her everyday life without even worrying about the season-be it is summer, autumn, spring or winter. Many girls struggle due to the season change as our skin is also affected by the changes in nature.

Makeup Look

So no to worry and here are some tips to get Makeup Look which will clear out all your problems. Mainly in winters as it is a dark season girl should also look bold and sexy. So to be bold enough let our face have a natural look with smokey eyes and bold dark lips.

BEST Makeup Look TIPS –

The Bold Lips

“If I had to teach someone just one thing about the lip colour, it would be this:

Find a lipstick that looks good on yourself when you are wearing absolutely no makeup.” Bold lips make a statement for you even when your face is having a natural look.

Nothing other than the bold lips screams the winter makeup. There are endless ways to make yourself beautiful but the best way is by applying just lipstick will make you get a good natural Makeup Look.

The smokey eyes

“Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects through your eyes, our eyes say a lot about us and our style, it’s not something physical. Love the eye makeup like doing the cat eye, playing with liquid liners and different colours of the liners, like emerald and deep blues, combining them with black.”

Highlighting the inner corner and creating the dark smoked eyes will draw everyone into your sexy winter glam keeping the face natural look. Get a more natural look with your dramatic eye making them naturally smoked eye with the glam. Consisting of the lighter eye shadows brought under the eyes giving the more dramatic eye Makeup Look.

The natural face

Keep the face natural with the smoked eyes or dark and edgy ones along with the bold and dark lips that will give a glam beauty look to you. “Invest in your skin to make it naturally beautiful it will represent you for a long time.”

The edgy and dark look

Go bold with your eye makeup. Use dark colors like burgundy, purple, brown
and a little shadow of black and to make it look more glam use the shiners to
make it shine.

Dard eyes create mystery and draw everyone’s attention. Apply
bold eyeliners and always with a different look. Ever had fun applied the liners?
Try some different, weird and funny eyeliner styles. Get new styles which always
glam up your overall look.

Sharp looking eyes

It’s all about the wing with this glam. Let your eyes look sharp and give a flawless
look. Try out the different sharp eyeliner style. Try applying these styles: bold
black eyeliner, winged eyeliner, kitten eye, flicked eyeliner, smokey eye. Minimal
black eyeliner, glitter eyeliner, etc which will give up a prop on your flawless
overall look.

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