Tips and Tricks for your Work Attire 2020

Tips and Tricks for your Work Attire 2020

Work attire plays a vital role in your success in the modern workplace. Every woman needs a simple, sleek, elegant, warm yet stylish look for their workplaces. Women need to look presentable in workplaces. If you want to feel confident, then you have to look confident by your attire.

It is a tough part of being fashionable yet comfortable and warm also. The dress depends on the day in your office. Your superior sense of style reduces your coworker’s confidence. Your dressing sense attracts the attention of your seniors and it also helps to convince your seniors to change their thinking by listening to your ideas.

Don’t lose your chance to get promoted. Wear sophisticated attire and balance your professional and tricky style at your workplace. Wear casuals at your workplace, but with some tricky rules of dressing with amazing styles. Try some changes in your work attire in your wardrobe. Follow these basic 10 rules to understand what to wear in your offices.

Work Attire

Basic Tips:

Understand your workplace attire

If there is a dress code in your company then you have to follow that dress code. Sadly, you don’t have any choice either. But if there is no dress code then feel free to carry your style. Draw a line of difference between work, casual, and party wears.

Make sure you don’t look too fashionable and saucy

Imagine in a meeting you are wearing an alluring dress, then everybody is distracted because of your dress; nobody is focusing on the minutes of the meeting. Ensure that you don’t look too sexy in the office. Wear an elegant dress but stylish, this is an important element for your work attire.

Wear accessories that suit you

Wear accessories that accompany your style, don’t overwhelm it. Grab some amazing collection of earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches. Wear small accessories and a pair of glasses that complement your attire.

Hairstyles also matter

There are some specific tips for your hairstyles which are necessary for workplaces. Your hairstyles should be simple but stylish like open hairs with front simple style or it could be a bun also. Never leave your hair wet because it leaves a bad effect on your employers.

Work Attire

Carry an elegant bag

Always carry a medium or large-sized bag, choose the size of your bag according to your daily needs. The bag should accompany your style. Organize your bag from inside, make sure that it should not disorganize, especially it doesn’t have a zipper or a closure.

Work Attire

Jewelry should be soundless

The most irritating thing with females carrying jewelry that makes a sound. Jewelry like bangles and anklets creates distracting sounds while moving arms and feet. It can distract and irritate your colleagues.

Use soothing perfumes

Don’t use strong smell perfumes or colognes, as you can be smelled by everyone. Wear a soothing perfume according to your comfort level and also to create a healthy environment for you in your workplaces. Don’t attract everybody’s attention; as it can be harmful too.

Footwear, the most important thing

Once somebody told me that, the first thing everybody notices is your shoes. The shoes reflect your personality. Your employers also notice your shoes, make sure your shoes complement your attire and it should be polished and in good condition.

Rich colors depict your supremacy

Always choose a color that goes with your personality. Dark colors depict your command in the workplace. Light colors blend with the background colors and obviously, it affects your image also. Choose colors like subtle shades of brown, green, grey, black, red, blue, and white. These colors are suitable for your corporate life. Always remember that strong and vibrant colors are for parties and looks loud also.

Last but not least, watches

After shoes, the second noticeable thing- watches. Watches should be eye-catching and classy too. Make sure your time is also just like your watches.

Types of office Dress Codes

There are typically four types of corporate dress codes: Business Professional, Business Casual, Business Formal, and Casuals. Some general tips for women for every category. To dress suitably, keep up with these tips.

Business Professional

The attire of business professionals is still a boring concept. They carry the same traditional colour and patterns. But you can present yourselves by adding little accessories and colors in your outfit. Business professional wears the same blue, black and brown colored suits, skirts, tops, and jackets. But here you can carry collared button-up shirts to add some style. Wear closed-toe pumps, large necklaces, and a high-quality watch. Remember skirts shouldn’t be above the knees more than two finger widths.

Business Casual

Business casuals are the most stylish work attire in the corporates. In this, you can add more style in your workwear without looking unprofessional. You can add more colors and accessories than the usual ones. You can carry skirts, palazzos, and pants with cardigan or jackets. Avoid bright colors and you can choose striped and checks shirts. Large pieces of jewelry and scarves are also used in this outfit. Comfortable shoes and loafers are appropriate. Hairstyle adds some more style statement to your attire.

Business Formals

Business formals are generally carried by the CEO’s or Managers. Well-cut suits and skirts with white button-up collared shirts and closed-toe heels. There are fixed colors opted for them is black, blue, navy, and brown. Conservative accessories are used and the same boring hairstyles are maintained.


Casuals are the most amazing dress codes; you can be more creative with your attire. Nice fitted tops and shirts are carried with slacks, skirts, denim, and flare jeans. Remember skirts should be till knee-length. You can use open-toe shoes, sneakers, and flip-flops. You can also include earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces in your accessories with elegant scarves. More adventurous hairstyles
are wearing casuals, which is fine.

Different attires for different occasions

Work attire for the office

To spend a full day in office, try wearing some comfortable attire than the fitted one. Pants are the best choice as it is easier to move and sit down. Carry pants with shirts, halterneck tops, round neck tops with jackets, coats, cardigans, and overcoats. Wear heels and shoes with this attire.

Work attire for interviews

During interviews, you have to give a savvy appearance for a long-lasting impression. Wear a slim-cut navy, black or brown color suit with smart heels. Try to carry bun or keep your hair open. Also, carry minimum Jewellery with matching handbag.

Cocktail work attire

After work-hours cocktail events are organized in every office. To enjoy the most of these events, you have to look flawless. Select business dresses for the occasion. Select slim-suits dresses with flounced sleeves and jeweled neckline. Carry a small clutch and wear minimal Jewellery. Try some high-heels also on your outfit.

Summer work attire

To beat the heat of the summer, select the perfect business outfit. Choose lightweight pants, skirts, and dresses with a suave look. Carry light-weighted and minimal Jewellery with your attire. Don’t wear open-toed shoes in the office.

Winter work attire

To beat the cold in winter, try some usual changes in your wardrobe. Wear halterneck sweaters with pants and coats or you can use overcoats also. Change your shoes with heeled boots. You can carry scarves also.

Dress what you like and whatever complements your personality. The attire changes from woman to woman. The work attire lets you feel confident and helps you in developing your strong image. But always remember that your outfit must reflect your strong reputation.

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