Savlamba Clothing Brand -Glamorous & Great Clothing for Women 2020

Savlamba Clothing Brand -Glamorous & Great Clothing for Women 2020

Make us familiar with Savleen.

I am Savleen , I have completed my Fashion designing course from INIFD Bandra, the post that I did my pattern making course from Instituto Di Burgo (Milan). I started working as a Costume stylist for various advertisements, short films, and Bollywood movies. From fashion designing to costume styling for movies, ads and print shoots, I have come a long way to finally make outfits that depict unusual styling, meticulous detailing, and intricate designs to bring out the chic and classy in you!

Tell us about the origin and foundation of Sav Lamba

Savlamba Clothing Brand literally 5 years of working in the fashion and film industry and working on several shoots, advertisements, and movies I decided to have my own label to create my own version of style as fashion. Styling is fun but designing is even more creative and fulfilling.

Savlamba Clothing Brand

Tell us about Sav Lamba.

A label that truly represents personal style, aesthetic taste and exquisite designs to create ‘Luxury”.

Savlamba Clothing Brand believes that there’s nothing more beautiful than a well-dressed woman with just the right amount of attitude and glamour. Clothes that are meant to make you feel something, colors that uplift your mood, and yes a wide array of designs, to match your personal style and fine taste.

From casual and experimental Indian wear to intricate and well-fitted western outfits. An amalgamation of textures, fabrics, colours, and details to create the perfect look.

From the dainty, elegant look to the charming, alluring and glamorous look! Sav Lamba as a label offers glamorous, elegant and chic clothing for women.

Define fashion and style in your terms.

Fashion for Savlamba Clothing Brand is what I make of it, fashion is highly subjective to a person and that’s exactly how it should be. As trends keep changing, but with changing fashion and trends, we must always focus on our very own personal style and make the most of it.

Is there any particular age group or the section of society Sav Lamba cater to?

Not really! With customization, Savlamba Clothing Brand can cater to a wider age group. But the target audience for my designs generally is 21-45.

How do you differentiate Sav Lamba from the competitors in the industry?

The fact that Sav lamba as a label, is all about being unique, from prints to styles or even colors, love to work on outfits that are unique, individualistic and dramatic.

Who all are there in the designing team?

Design is single-handily taken care of by me. I do have my own set of karigars, tailors and embroiders who bring my designs and ideas into life.

How do you pick the color for a particular design of garment?

As most of my designs are custom made, Savlamba Clothing Brand select colors and patterns based on the likes and interests of our clients. But generally, our collection consists of a huge variety from pop colors to dainty pastels to timeless and classic prints.

Do you also design the garment as per the requirement of the client?

Yes, at Sav Lamba the most integral part of my designing is customization. I believe in creating unique pieces with different fabrics and styles. Sav Lamba’s clientele has a vast variety of taste and Savlamba Clothing Brand offer them customized cuts, fabrics and even embroidery, all according to the choice of the client.

Where do you want to see yourself and Sav Lamba 5 years down the line?

5 years down the line I desire having my very own store, highly operational system and Sav lamba as a label to be known by every fashionista. I wish and am working hard for making Sav Lamba a global brand.

What is the vision statement of Sav Lamba?

As a designer, my vision for Sav Lamba is to create stylish, chic and classic pieces that can effortlessly fit into an individual’s personal style at affordable prices.

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