Ananya Bhattacharjee as InteriorMaata in Souranshi Voguish Edition 2020

Ananya Bhattacharjee as InteriorMaata in Souranshi Voguish Edition 2020

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  • April 25, 2020
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Ananya Bhattacharjee as InteriorMaata in Souranshi

Do you have any Interior related queries? Want to know more about transforming a small or big space without a heavyweight in your pocket? A friend, a guide, a learner, an engineer by degree, and an Interior Designer by heart, here we are in conversation with Ananya Bhattacharjee aka InteriorMaata in Souranshi Magazine Voguish Edition 2020.

InteriorMaata in Souranshi Magazine Voguish Edition 2020

Souranshi: Ananya, tell us something about your background and family.

InteriorMaata: I am from Alipurduar, a small town in West Bengal. It’s full of nature and the best place to live in. Although I am a single child, yet I never felt alone as my Dad adopted my sister when I was only 7. I had a wonderful childhood. Dad was in Railways and mom made our house “home”. We traveled a lot in my childhood, those were the best days of my life.

Souranshi: How do you opt for interior designing as your career?

InteriorMaata: When I finished my 11th, I knew that my calling is different in life. I had a background of art and classical dancing, so the creative soul in me wanted to be an Architect. Back then, we had limited resources, so I had very little information about Architecture and also, my parents wanted me to be an Engineer.

I gave in and started my engineering in Kolkata, but the course and the college made me realize that engineering is not for me. During the second year of my college, I started looking for Interior designing courses and applied in every college of Kolkata. At the same time, I started reading about big architects and designers on the designing section of crossword and I knew that Interior Designing is my life’s call.

InteriorMaata Work

Souranshi: Tell us the story behind InteriorMaata

InteriorMaata: Ananya became InteriorMaata when she realized that people need help with their basic home decoration. It all started in the year 2016 when I was working with a firm in Kolkata. I discovered that in Kolkata almost everyone was struggling with basic home designing and not everyone could afford an Interior Designer. I had this urge to help them but could not find a way to approach them or make them come to me.

In 2017, when I shifted to Vadodara, for the first time in my life I had a break and some extra time. One fine morning, I took my husband’s camera and started shooting my first video. That’s how it all started. My first video called “How can you design your living room within Rs.10,000/-”.

Souranshi: Is there any company you work for or do you own a company?

InteriorMaata: I have my designing firm called IM studio

Souranshi: How did you turn into a YouTuber?

InteriorMaata: I believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home, even if you think that you can’t afford it or you are living in a rented home. I knew that home designing can be done in budget too. You necessarily need not to spend a ton of money on interior styling. So, being an Interior Designer myself, I had to do something. The best way, I could only think of, is to start a YouTube channel.

It gives immense satisfaction doing something that I always wanted and connecting with the outer world, helping them with my ideas and getting their love and appreciation in return.

Souranshi: Generally, How long does it take to shoot a video and upload it on YouTube?

InteriorMaata: An interior makeover video takes somewhere between 15 days to one month, to shoot, edit, and upload. Others take somewhere between 3 to 7 days.

Souranshi: What is the basic idea that you kee in your mind before starting with interior transformation?

InteriorMaata: I consider the requirements of the client and the design style that the site needs. Also, I like the open and well-ventilated spaces. These are some basic ideas to start with, and then I plan the interior styling accordingly.


Souranshi: Where do you get the inspiration for such unique ideas?

InteriorMaata: My designs are highly inspired from day to day need, I ask myself what I need and then come up with design solutions. Basically, studying the site, the space that needs to be transformed, is the key and the inflow of ideas starts automatically.

Souranshi: What challenges do you face while keeping the décor budget-friendly?

InteriorMaata: Oh, that is the hardest part. We have to work on budgeting every day till the last day!!

Also, keeping in mind that you don’t want them to look cheap!! So a lot of research and sleepless nights is what makes it more challenging!! Having said that, the fruit of the hard work is always sweet so all this is worth and an experience in itself.

Ananya Bhattacharjee

Souranshi: Would you like to tell a few online shopping sites where low-cost home décor items are available?

InteriorMaata: Amazon, Flipkart, Thrifting and DIY, to name a few good online sites for shopping wonderful home decor items.

Souranshi: What do you like most about interior design?

InteriorMaata: That you can make someone’s dream come true. The final day expression when people see the site is priceless.

Souranshi: How do you help your followers and subscribers if they ask you for customized home décor ideas?

InteriorMaata: I only can provide services at Gujarat and some parts of Mumbai for now. I am planning to start an online consultation in 2020 too.

Ananya as InteriorMaata

Souranshi: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

InteriorMaata: Once I first step in the Project site, I know what we can do to make that house, ‘A home’. The high level of anxiety makes me quite stressed. I am working on this weakness of mine.

Souranshi: How do you overcome your weaknesses and channel your strengths into your work?

InteriorMaata: I know that if don’t know anything, I can practice and learn to be good at it. Believe me, Google and YouTube are something where I learned about editing my videos and pictures. I always opt for the betterment of my channel.

Souranshi: What are your future aspirations and expectations of yourself?

InteriorMaata: I have noticed that I like minimal modern designs with Indian traditional style in it. I named it ‘TradMO’. I want to work on these aesthetics in the future and make it more profound. Also, I believe in giving back to society, so something big is coming soon this year.

Ananya's Work in Souranshi

Souranshi: Few tips for our readers to keep their home organized and beautiful.

InteriorMaata: I can’t stop talking about this point but here are a few basics:-

  • Keep the wall colors light and windows big.
  • Use natural materials like cane, wood, linen, jute, cotton in the designs.
  • Opt for an open layout but at the same time don’t overdo it.
  • And last but most important, add lots of indoor plants.

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