Everything You Need to Know About World Interiors Day 2020

Everything You Need to Know About World Interiors Day 2020

The International Federation of Interior Designers / Home renovation industries (IFI) announced World Interiors Day 2020, which is officially recognized on Saturday, 23 May. It is dedicated to “Nexus Interiors” and it will be celebrated across the world throughout the month of May by all Interior Designers.

IFI encourages everybody to use this theme for inspiration and organize activities with the help of Interior Designers and Home renovation industries which will compile colleagues, students, and your community.

world interiors day 2020


The World Interiors Day is commemorated by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), which was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1963. Encouraging cultural exchange and therefore the flow of creativity and interior designing and Home renovation industries on a world level, World Interiors Day is a platform that identifies the relevance of interior designers in our society.

world interiors day


This event, focused on designing spaces and changing lives, raises the notice of the importance of interior design and architecture in lifestyle. A well-designed space touches everyone and helps improve the standard of life. The organization International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) aims to offer interior design and architecture a stronger voice within the community through the tangible and intangible impact that design has on everybody. The design is a powerful and influential aspect of social and economic development in cities and communities.

world interiors day


The role of an interior designer is to provide accurate advice for the optimal safe occupation of those who work, live, and relax within a space. Operating across a selection of sectors from public space, retail, and restaurant to hotels and residential developments, a professionally designed interior should suit all building, health & safety, and merchandise regulations to provide improvements to the interiors domestic or commercial purpose.

As the advice has a direct impact on the wellbeing and safety of consumers, especially during a billboard environment, that advice must be qualified and independently measured. Inaccurate advice will incur a cost, delay, and risk to the customer which may impact the designer and their suppliers, causing industry complaints and a bad reputation.

Interior designers often drive the functioning of our existential environments, making them essential to stimulating our daily lives. This initiative fosters collaboration between national organizations and now the upcoming Interior designer and Home renovation industries got fresh and informative events to interact with the general public which was required in the modern era. Recognizing evolution and alter the conference aims to critique the dynamics of accessibility, functionality, and sustainability in connection to human welfare.


Qualified by education, experience, and applied skills, the professional Interior Architect/Designer accepts the subsequent responsibilities:

• Identify, research and creatively solve problems concerning the function and quality of the inside environment

• Perform services concerning interior spaces including programming, design analysis, space planning, aesthetics, and inspection of labor on-site, using specialized knowledge of interior construction, building systems, and components, building regulations, equipment, materials, and furnishings.

• Prepare schematics, drawings, and documents concerning the planning of interior space so as to reinforce the standard of life and protect the health, safety, welfare, and environment of the general public.   

With reference to World Interiors Day, we asked some of the interior designers their views about designing and their style of working…

Apoorv from PTA Designs, when asked about his favorite materials and colors to work with had replied,

“Colors are something that reflects a lot about everything say design, space, and even client. So colors are something that gives us an opportunity to define an identity.

There are mediums where you want to pop out, there are elements that need to be toned down, so it’s a mix and match and play of colors.

The material palette is something that we really emphasize on and experiment with. Materials have that impression of touch along with visual appearance. So it varies from wooden textures, laminates, veneer, paint finishes, patterns, etc.”

We asked India’s top interior designer, Saachi Marwah Rana, whether her own home reflects her professional style. On this she replied,

“I call my house my laboratory. I’m always bringing in new pieces of art or chairs or accessories made by me or other designers. My house is more personal to me. Every room has a different voice and essence to it.

To allow the home’s original architectural details to become its focal point I painted the walls a refreshing white and added colors through furniture and art. My studio is my warehouse filled with an ever-rotating roster of treasures waiting to be placed in one of my professional projects — but they often end up in my own home along the way.

I buy things I love or whenever I travel. I’m a hoarder. I grew up in a home that was constantly evolving, the beautiful and unusual objects, textures, and colors always surrounded me, an environment where everything was always in a state of flux – I’d come home from school and the rooms would be a new color or with a new artsy piece or my father would add another sculpture to our little home.

This is where I got my creative skills and my home had always been a source of inspiration for the ideas which I interweave in my designing and styling the client’s spaces.”

When we asked Parth from APM Studio, about an object in his life he can’t live without. He says-

“My laptop bag, my mini office.

If it is a matter of designing or a requirement of a client or my agencies, I do not have to be in my office if I have my laptop bag.”

On asking about judging the success of a project, a well established interior designer Manvi Vakharia said-

“Any project is successful only when the client is satisfied with the end result.

Client satisfaction is the final aim of any interior project we get, but also it has to fulfill the designer’s ideologies behind the project and bring out an ‘x’ factor in every end .”

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