Top 4 Popular Tiktok Celebrities

Top 4 Popular Tiktok Celebrities

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  • February 10, 2020
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Tiktok was launched by ByteDance in 2017. Tiktok was merged with on 2 nd October 2017 so that the larger video community can be created with the existing accounts and data can be consolidated in one app itself that is TikTok. Tiktok is a fun and an app that shows an individual’s skills in many things such as dance, acting, gymnastics, etc.

  • Tiktok is fun and an app that shows individuals skills in many things such as dance, acting, gymnastics, etc.
  • With the help of an individual can create a variety of videos that and me a slo-mo video or a speed u video using the filters available there.
  • The users can use music as the background and make their video a much more attractive one. Tiktok offers many trends like lipsynced songs, comedy, etc.
  • Duets feature is also available which allows a user to add their video to the existing user’s video and comparing the two or making it a good one. the short video can be created of 3 to 15 s only.

Many people nowadays have become popular due the TikTok app :


Tiktok Celebrities
  • Mr. Manav chhabra best known by his nicknames like Mr. mnv, MNV and The Real King of Musically.
  • He’s the TikTok celebrity who started his journey by making musically from his college days.
  • He was inspired by the Instagrammer Rishab Puri.
  • He is a trained bhangra dancer who started making bhangra videos which gave him more popularity.
  • He’s not only popular on Instagram and but also on youtube mr.mnv with subscribers of 242k.
  • He posts vlogs, challenges and dance videos and comedy videos on his youtube channel.
  • He has a great following on TikTok @mr.mnv of around 5 million.
  • His Instagram account has 1 million followers.
  • He is pursuing his graduation in law degree.

Aashna Hegde

Tiktok Celebrities
  • She is one of the most famous female star and a great YouTube personality. She has a huge fan following on both Instagram and youtube.
  • She’s not only famous for her dancing skills and being a choreographer but also for her comedy skills and acting.
  • She’s a crowned muser on TikTok @aashna followed by 2.7 million people.
  • She’s a dog lover.
  • She has been a brand ambassador for Daniel Wellington watches.
  • She also posts videos on her youtube channel, Aashna Hegde. Her videos are mainly challenging videos but she also posts comedy videos, makeup videos and also vlogs.on youtube.
  • She has 216k subscribers which shows her skills and devotion towards her work. She first posted her photo on Instagram in 2013 and is now a big star followed by her fans in the number of 363k.

Sanket Mehta

Tiktok Celebrities
  • Sanket Mehta is a great dancer and is mainly known for his dancing skills. His nickname is Sanku.
  • He is a hot looking personality and has amusing talents. He as achieved much at his young age and everything on his own capability.
  • He starts porting his dance videos but he became popular after posting comedy video clips and by performing lip-synced videos on TikTok @sankett25 and now with the followers of 2.7 million.
  • He has earned the precious badge of “Crowned Muser” for being an ace TikTok comedian.
  • He is a style blogger which can be seen on his Instagram account who is now followed by 602k followers.
  • He also makes videos and posts on his youtube channel Sanket Mehta with 104k subscribers. He also posts dance videos, challenges and comedy videos.

Avneet Kaur

Tiktok Celebrities
  • Was MERI MAA in which she played the role of Jhilmil.
  • Later on, she played roles in many serials and currently is playing the role of Princess Yasmine in Sab TV’s Alladinv- Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga.
  • She first came into the industry as a contestant in Dance India Dance Lil Masters and then participated in may dance shows. Professionally she’s a dancer and an actor.
  • She’s also famous on Instagram followed by 7.1 million followers.
  • She also makes videos on TikTok @avneetkaur_13. Sometimes, she makes videos with Siddhart Nigam as she is on her set of Alladin.
  • Now on her TikTok account, she is been followed by 16.6 million followers.

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