Famous Saachi Marwah Rana Design Studio in Souranshi 2020

Famous Saachi Marwah Rana Design Studio in Souranshi 2020

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  • March 4, 2020
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Saachi Marwah Rana is an award-winning designer based in Delhi and Dubai. Her artistic roots can be traced back to her childhood. Having being brought up around the artistic parents, her mother is a National Awardee bronze sculptor and her father had taught her about the interesting handmade finishes and specialization in the Patina finish. She is married to a national cricketer Nitish Rana. As a budding Designer, she had been trained under several reputed interior designers; and inspired by history, art, music, books anything that makes her creative juices flow. She is the blend of the traditional and the modern cultures. Rather than having the signature style, she takes an organic, multi-pronged approach. It was her relentless passion for designing at a very young age that kick-started her iconic career. Saachi Marwah Rana’s globally renowned and ever-evolving style is defined by a subtle fusion of East meets West, intuitively balanced with opulent warmth and yet luxurious.

Saachi Marwah Rana Design Studio strives to bring to your space, the elegance and chic it deserves. The studio works in all scales and sectors to deliver exceptional designing solutions, catering to client’s needs and envisioning a future of unique architectural interiors. The team believes that history and modernity, imagination & discipline can and should coexist.


According to Saachi Marwah Rana, being invited into the homes, spaces and the studios of inspiring people; the privilege of getting to know their insights of life and be inspired by the culture, lifestyle, their history, is the most exciting part of working in the industry. Charting the zeitgeist by capturing the best the world has to offer, that’s what Saachi Marwah Rana loves the most about her work.


Knowing the client’s needs is the biggest of all the challenges that the team faces while starting a project. Design is not about how expensive it is or how much money have you spent to upscale your space, a small piece from a flea market could also be the “statement” in a house. Saachi believes in re-using & refurbishing first to start with. Saachi Marwah Ranaloves layering in colors, antiques, contemporary furniture and fabric. She is least interested in the minimalist goal of seeking décor, styling or designing in a lack of objects, color, and texture. She feels that the space at home, restaurant, office, etc. should be comfortable and have an element of fantasy.


From transforming residential and retail spaces, inclusive of hospitality and commercial office spaces, which includes speaking furniture design, customized light design as per the client’s needs, artifacts and objects D’Art, are some of the areas of designing which ‘Saachi Marwah Rana Design Studio’ excels at.

In addition to taking the projects worldwide, a creative cross-pollination in the studio inherently informs the architecture, interior projects, bespoke furniture, lighting, textiles, home décor and product designs of every scale to deliver exceptional design solutions catered to our client’s needs. The team at the design studio is highly experienced in the transformation of the client’s spaces into dream interiors focusing on every minute detail that is required in the process.

The services offered by the studio are- Interior Designing & Architecture, Consultancy & Turnkey Projects, Interior Styling, Bespoke Furniture, Customized Lights, Limited Edition Textile, Tugs and Wall coverings.

THE SOURCE OF INSPIRATION- Home, Travelling,& People


Saachi Marwah Rana grew up in a home that was constantly evolving, the beautiful and unusual objects, textures, and colors always surrounded her. She grew up in an environment where everything was always in a state of flux – “I’d come home from school and the dining room would be a new color or my father would add another art piece to our little home”, says Saachi. This is where Saachi got her creative skills and her home had always been a source of inspiration for the ideas which she interweaves in her designing and styling.

Many people from past and present and also her love for travel, had inspired Saachi’s work. Meeting people of different cultures and understanding their local and ancient traditions reflects in her designs and design processes. Saachi speaks about how she had been positively influenced by the talents of various renowned people, “It ranges from architects like Frank Gehry the award-winning architect who has spent more than a half-century disrupting the very meaning of design within architecture for his use of unconventional forms, geometric fields, interesting textures, and material juxtaposition to John Woolf for his glamorous interiors, delicate architectural proportion, and graceful details; interior designers from Kelly Wearstler for her exquisite superior-quality furniture designs and bespoke products.

Adding ‘Saachi Rana’ to my design is constantly evolving as I gain knowledge about antiquities uses for different materials. I feel more confident, which means I’m willing to take more risks in my work.”


As a designer, Saachi is a great listener and very intuitive. Her most valuable asset is the combination of imagination and hard work and loving whatever she does. A designers have to be very creative as well, and thus they can’t be bound by particular working hours to keep their creativity flowing.

They can be inspired by anything, anywhere and their creative strings could start playing at any odd hour; and odd working hours are the hardest part of Saachi’s job.


Saachi Marwah Rana feels that a winning design has a perfect mixture of tension and drama, hence big or small; any project is about creating the design for her. Saachi’s mantra is to have fun and put unexpected mixes together and this goes for both fashion and interior designing. So her advice is to be fearless and have fun when you are planning to style your interior, be it office space or your home.

“If it’s something you love, then just do it. People will always tell you, ‘Oh, you’re not supposed to do that…’ but I’ve found that there are no rules in the designing and no rights and wrongs, you can achieve unbelievable results when you listen to your heart. You have to outstand others. Don’t follow what others are doing and create something that is truly your own.”

– Saachi Marwah Rana

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