STUDIO ArChaiD  |Architectural Designer | Interior Design | Design Consultancy

STUDIO ArChaiD |Architectural Designer | Interior Design | Design Consultancy

As the world sunk into the filthy arms of Covid- 19, the entrepreneur in Chaitanya and Dhwani saw it as the perfect opportunity to start a small-scale business to quench their thirst for design. Though Studio arChaiD was started in the early months of 2020, the two founders have been working together on numerous architectural and interior design projects for a few years now.

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About Studio ArChaiD

Studio arChaiD was started with the vision to encapsulate the power of simplicity yet dominating design that cannot go unnoticed. It aims at designing some of the highest towers along the skyline of the glamorous city of Mumbai and at crafting some of the classiest interiors in the city.

Coming from a non-architectural background, the co-founders, Chaitanya and Dhwani have taken up big strides at a young age and aim at rising the ranks in this ever- competing industry of stalwarts. Studio arChaiD provides all design services for Residential, Institutional, and Commercial spaces ranging from: Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Decor, Visualisation, Turnkey Projects, Design Consultation, and Landscape Design.


About the co-founders

Graduated from the University of Mumbai in 2017, Chaitanya has worked with renowned firms in Mumbai where he was involved in several successful architecture and interior projects.
With a great sense of technicality and a knack to solve problems, he boasts of experience ranging from designing high-end celebrity homes and offices to designing low and high-rise structures in the heartland of the city. With a high interest in sports and culinary, his interest in design and architecture surpasses all.

Dhwani’s zeal to achieve a deep sense and understanding of design took her places. After graduating from the Mumbai University in 2017, she worked with pioneering architectural and interior design firms that allowed her to take commanding positions in the completion of complicated small-scale projects to large-scale residential and institutional projects. Apart from an incredible designer, Dhwani is an avid traveler and finds joy in adventurous sports.

Studio ArChaiD’s USP

The company, Studio arChaiD believes in integrated and good design. Delivering a satisfactory design, the biggest challenge in the field involves adopting innovative solutions and implementing them with the acumen to deliver projects beforehand keeping the clients/end users’ requirements at peak priority at all times. The team Studio ArChaiD works to personalise each project for the user, beyond catering to their aesthetic taste and preferences. The aspiration to be one of the most admired and niche design businesses had been the motivation for the company to pace ahead and never stop learning from every design cycle.

The projects
Residential Interior in Mumbai

Situated in the Central Suburbs of Bombay, the apartment was located in one of the peaceful lanes of Five garden, Matunga on the 13th story surrounded by some standalone heritage bungalows and colonial low-rise structures. The surroundings allowed the house to have a sprawling view with ample light and ventilation. The biggest advantage and the biggest challenge

For the common areas, the client’s taste was that of a modern space with a classy touch of traditional. This fusion ushered the introduction of Jhula and wall paneling using traditional moulded pattis alongside full-height glass sliders entering into an open kitchen design.

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