San Frissco |An Everlasting Impression – Best leather footwear manufacturing hub,Agra|Since 1993

San Frissco |An Everlasting Impression – Best leather footwear manufacturing hub,Agra|Since 1993

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  • July 29, 2021
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A homegrown footwear company, ARYMAN footwear Exports Pvt. Ltd., officially known to the world as a leather brand named San Frissco, is one of the fastest growing and recognized names in the leather footwear industry. Established in Agra, India’s leather footwear manufacturing hub, Aryman footwear was founded in the year 1993 by Mr. Kuldeep Singh and was known as a manufacturer in the market in the initial days of the business commencement.

“Our market stake was negligible. We had a very small work of line. In 2001, we launched our in-house leather brand San Frissco.”, says Mr. Kuldeep Singh. He continues speaking about the brand, “Since then, we have moved up through competitive markets, creating and improving the brand’s presence at the national level.”

The biggest challenge for San Friscco in its early days was building it as a well-recognized name amongst the other leading, established, and recognized footwear brands. Walking us through the development that San Frissco has made over the years, Kuldeep says,

“Today, we’ve got two major manufacturing plants. We have 4 lines yielding thousands of pairs daily. People are trusting our brands and the rising graph is proof of that. We have created value and earned faith in a short period.”

Overcoming the Initial Hurdle and Expanding Foothold of our Leather business

With the amalgamation of fashion and comfort in its footwear, San Frissco has been providing a diversified range of stylish leather yet comfy wearables for the feet for many years now. Deep knowledge of each stage involved in the entire manufacturing process clubbed with design innovation and expansion in retail networking has delivered the desired recognition within the industry. This has turned San Friscco into a reputed leading company globally.

“San Frissco has started to cater to not only the growing needs of the domestic market but to making a leading manufacturing destination for export products,” Kuldeep acknowledges. Apart from the brand recognition achieved through consistent strategies, exports play a major role in earning a substantial profit leading San Friscco to witness robust growth in the segment which is expected to climb even further. “That’s a major change that has happened in the past two decades,” Kuldeep says.

Growth and Expansion of Leather Products

Talking about the company’s growth and expansion Kudeep says, “As the company has grown, San Frissco has struck a balance between consolidating its core competency and finding new avenues to expand its footprint. Being a manufacturing company San Frissco is always concerned with how to promote its leather manufacturing and works with different state bodies and chambers of commerce about manufacturing and how to push labor reforms for it.

“A lot of new things are happening, and we always remain on top of such things to make sure that we don’t miss out on being competitive in the global market. We have never been interested in simply selling commodities or products.

A Family business with friendly working environment

San Frissco, which was originally started as a family business, believes in retaining the community atmosphere of a family concern. Despite its growth in terms of leather production capacity, product quality, and retail footprint into new territories and has emerged as one of the major players, the management and staff are acknowledged and regarded as one large family. “A lot of the staff members here have grown up with the company.

Working with the same people, the same customers, we have made good friends. The journey has become so involved that the company has become a kind of extension of our family values. We’ve learned how to make shoes, how to do business. We’ve seen the ups and downs, and now we know shoe-making and selling like the back of our hands.”, Kuldeep shares his perspective.

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