Residence with Luxurious Interiors Defining New Lifestyle- INNERSPACE

Residence with Luxurious Interiors Defining New Lifestyle- INNERSPACE

Practice livable architecture..
Can dreams come true…?
How imagination becomes reality…?
Does the 4 th dimension exist…?

With INNERSPACE the vision of portraying the imagination on the canvas of any three-dimensional structure, live design in its true sense, and making the fantasy of living in a dream home, true for their customers, Inner Space was founded in the year 1999 by Mr. Ajay Sharma. The office is located in the suburbs of the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

The company’s approach towards design involves four basic concerns:
Understanding the requirements of the clients, Evolution of the design, Integration of design with engineering principles, and lastly, Project management and its execution.

INNERSPACE Group’s pride

The team Inner Space prides on their creative edge whilst remaining true to the form, space, balance & function. The talented architectural and interior design ranges from the minimalistic, luxurious & contemporary to the classic contemporary. The team can transform any new building or renovate any
space into an award-winning design according to the taste of the client. The entire team works as one unit and is more like a family to the Director. “I would not call it a team, these people have been more than a family to me. In-office we don’t follow any hierarchy and we all work as a family. Some are expert in execution, some in design and some in PMC.”, said Mr, Ajay Sharma, Founder, and Director of Inner

Utilizing the space to its fullest potential, team Inner Space designs the site starting with the architectural drawings, and incorporating the best layout possible. The talented interior design team then creates an amazing and unique space through joinery, lighting, wall features, and unusual & unique design elements.

Its been 20 years since the company was established. Speaking about the journey so far, Mr, Ajay Sharma said, “It has been flawless, amazing, and a good learning experience. We are still learning. It’s like sky is the limit.”

Intuitive characteristic of understanding the client’s urge, passion and interests helps the team in making an empty house the dream home for the customer. The company targets those clients who have passion do build their dream house and who understand and values and the importance of a consultant.

Apart from this, keeping the décor budget-friendly is another strength of the team. “Budget-friendly décor is not a challenge now a days.

Inner Space Luxurious Interiors

Honestly, there is a huge variety and finishes of durable and economical materials available in the market, which makes it easy for us to complete the transformation or styling within budget quite effortlessly.”, said Ajay Sharma. He further added, “Its just that one has to be a little smart and intelligent while using the materials in the design and still achieve the look and feel that the client wants.”

Surviving and standing above the competitors, in this era of cut-throat competition is one of the biggest challenges that any business comes across. The Director of Inner space has not yet been active with any sort of strategy for marketing and combatting the competition. “I don’t take anyone as my competitor.

I increase my client base by working on referrals given by my existing and old clients and it’s been going on the same way since the establishment of the company. Customers can contact us through social media or can come directly to our office situated in Mumbai.” Mr. Ajay Sharma told Souranshi.

Me. Ajay Sharma feels that one has to be contented to achieve the highest level of satisfaction at the end of the project. “I feel that residential designing needs a lot of patience and concentration. So, I prefer working on a few assignments at a time. This allows me to invest my attention discretely into the projects and I can keep a watch on every individual aspect of the task so that I can deliver what I have promised to the clients.”, Mr. Sharma explained.

Punctuality and completion of the project beforehand or before the deadline has made the company gain esteemed fame in the city of Indore and Ahmedabad. “We are known for before time delivery. We work in a very organized pattern, we don’t hit the ground or site on the interior front until and unless everything is finalized from the client’s side, be design approval, material approval, budgeting, finishes, etc. Only after we get approval for all the above-mentioned elements, then we start with the execution. So it becomes very easy for me and my team to meet the deadlines.”, elucidated the Director Mr. Sharma.

All the projects that Mr. Sharma had worked on, are very close to his heart and all are equally important for him. “I have worked on numerous different projects in past so many years. But I cannot rank them in a particular order. Each and every project, one after the other is unique in its own kind and is equally valuable as the previous one.”, said Mr. Sharma.

“Having said that, there is this one project which interests me most on the architectural part of the bungalow. It’s a G+4 story house with duplex floors. The height is the U.S.P of the project. It’s been designed in a way that it does not give you a feeling of condominiums or a multi-story building. It has different materials in the exterior and we have used some eco-friendly materials as well. There are many
wow factors to this particular project.”, added Mr, Ajay Sharma

Speaking about the recent projects, Mr. Ajay Sharma said, “I am working on a couple of good dream houses in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Recently, our team has handed over two bungalows, one in the city of Indore and another one in the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan. We had a lot of fun and great learning experience while working on both the projects. The end result was indeed marvelous and the client was
quite satisfied and overwhelmed with our work.”

To build up the excitement of the client before he enters and gets absorbed in the warmth of his dream house, the keys are handed over just before the rituals of house warming starts. Just about 10 days before the house warming ceremony none of the family members or people from their social circle are allowed inside the main gate of the property.

This upswings the fervor level and quadruples the happiness when the client looks at the finished design for the first time. The Director, Mr. Shama feels that this happiness and the satisfactory smile on the faces of the clients and his/her families and the word “thank you” are the most relishing and the most valued rewards on the day of handover.

Inner space focuses on conceptualism and also adheres to the mantra that architecture should be rooted in one’s environment and to the particular site. After walking through a particular site, the team always like to ask itself– what kind of design does this site really want to be adorned with?

While the team works with an international style, they draw inspiration from traditional concepts, craft as well as local material. They interpret the same with a contemporary design approach. The design is experiential and attempts to modulate the space to create beautiful, peaceful or dramatic spaces. There is a certain romantic attitude in the way the team works, the narrative quality that leads the viewer into varied experiences, and the team really enjoys creating work.

Living in a tropical environment, the architectural work is often sensitive to the climate and constantly builds a relationship between the built form and the external environment. The team works in a hands-on way operating closely to customize solutions with the collaborators. The process of creating is sometimes
as challenging as the process of conceiving the idea. Inner space commemorates a holistic approach while looking at the building and blur the boundaries between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape, furniture and lighting.

Over the years, Inner space has earned the love of the customers, the respect for honesty and on- scheduled deliveries of the sites. Not-to-mention, International knowledge of design and aesthetics, sourcing of luxury materials across Europe and gulf countries are the achievements since the birth of the company. Inner Space has gradually grown, in past 20 years, from a company of 2 designers to a company of 25 architects and designers. The studio of 10 sq. meters has been extended to an studio of 120 sq. meters. The company has extended its services in 2 tier and 3 tier cities as well.

When it comes to hunting for a good architect for renovation or building a site from scratch, people often find themselves in splits because it involves a huge investment. They want it to be profitable and breathtaking at the same time. A client should choose Inner Space for the latest technology applied while
coming up with the eco-friendly designs. The team had always fulfilled their commitments of fast and timely delivery of the site as promised. A client should invest with Inner Space for their international style of working and presentation, and of course the execution.

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