Cracslab-  Knowledge Beyond Education

Cracslab- Knowledge Beyond Education

The emotional core objective of every parent is a subconscious desire to make their kids “Rich, Famous & Great citizens” with a bright future. Unfortunately, there remains a high degree of uncertainty in their minds, as they know that the process followed might not be scientific. In most cases, it is observed that the Parent-child bonding, which is most crucial for brain development at the early stages of a child’s life is missing and working parents have no time/energy left to help build the true potential of their kids. 

The primary challenge is not with the education system, but with the parenting process. The real challenge is to nurture the mindset, mental abilities, core skills, passion, and inborn talent of kids at an early age. The biggest roadblock of effective parenting is the lack of scientifically validated solutions. Most parents fall into the trap of “Guesswork”, and can never realize the true potential of their child.” Says Mr. Hemant Nanda, brain behind CRACS (Center for research in applied Cognitive Sciences)


CRACS is today’s world’s biggest digital solution for education. It was started in the year 2014 by Mr. Hemant Nanda with a few average performing kids from a school to transform them into superior learners. To achieve this goal, the team identified cognitive skills, learning nature, and natural ability of the kids to learn and delivered them the very 1st customized superior educational solution CRACS.

Introducing the fantastic product, CRACS,  which is a result of 10 years of research based on scientific and cognitive methods, Mr. Hemant Nanda says, “It’s a great pleasure & privilege to acquaint our vision to the esteemed schools and parents thereby bringing a revolutionary change to the learning abilities of learners.”

About the Co-Founder Mr. Hemant Nanda- The brain behind CRACSLAB

Mr. Hemant K. Nanda is a research scholar, a certified Emotional Quotient & Psychometric testing Professional from CAMI University, US, and a Parenting Coach & Stream PIK advisor, apart from ICWA and CMA.

His extraordinary work in the field of education are documented, published, and presented at various international conferences and forums such as  ICARSS London and imagine Education San Francisco USA.

His work is also shortlisted & presented among the world’s top 300 startups at Startup Grind 2020 by Google at California USA and accredited by highly reputed journals in India & abroad including the European Journal of Behavioral Sciences, the International Journal of Indian Psychology, and many highly reputed journals.

Speaking about what success is and how it can be achieved, Mr. Nanda’s perspective is directed towards cognitive sciences. He said, “It is not only the degrees, diplomas, school marks, hard work, destiny, family background, money or something else that makes a person successful.” He further added, “There are three common factors behind the success. Successful people work around their natural ability, have better mental abilities & quick learning skills. This makes them better learners. Better learners are better performers. The performance gives self-confidence. Self-confidence is the root of Success.

Mr. Nanda has now dedicated his life towards imparting knowledge and adding value to the lives of parents and children. His devotion to bringing out realistic and scientific visionary products to improve the education system has resulted in the creation of a digital product that minimizes uncertainty and keeps the kids engaged positively.

The value-adding educational Platforms

Kids Unlock –

UNLOCK assists you to identify the unique learning nature and cognitive potential of every student in your school. Not only it helps analyze the core cognitive skills of students like focus, decision-making ability, IQ & creativity but also assists the user to find out the learning style, speed, and strengths of each student. With UNLOCK one can assign & conduct “World’s most advanced online cognitive ability assessments” for all age groups from grade nursery to grade 10. It also empowers you to deliver personalized learning solutions, guidance & counseling to students who require immediate attention in learning skills like reading, writing, thinking & creativity. 

Kids Intellithon –

Intellithon is the world’s 1st online competition and talent building platform for parents to engage kids in positive activities, away from tv-mobile.

Both the platforms are digital platforms for parents & are globally appreciated. There shall be special pricing for the schools, in case if the school adopts these platforms as compulsory to all. To take it forward the company proposes to conduct an exclusive webinar for teachers/parents.  

Research Work

The primary research works by CRACS are in the field of cognitive science & childhood education. This initiative works extensively to develop and deliver solutions that can diagnose and maximize human cognitive potential. It brings to the table highly reliable, well documented, scientifically validated, published, and standardized ed-tech solutions, especially for parents. The primary goal of the company is to identify & unlock the true potential of children; with the help of validated, easy to implement, cost-effective solutions.  

Talking about the inspiration and expectation from CRACSLAB and other platforms Mr. Nanda said, “We Re-Program Human Brain to Unlock the true potential of every human, right from their childhood. And for us, Impossible is Inspiration.”

At CRACS Lab, years of experience and research has given hard evidence to strongly believe that giving children an early head start will enable them to unlock their hidden potential and become successful at whatever their passions and strengths are. It is absolutely possible to design a better brain and better learning skills in children. 

CRACSLAB provides objective and standardized tests like the cognitive and natural ability assessment that helps in understanding the child’s natural learning styles, natural ability, IQ, focus, learning pace, creativity, decision-making speed, skill sets, and efficiency, which cannot be understood through simple academic tests or marks at school. 

Parents!! Grab the opportunity and unlock the full potential of your child and initiate their journey to become successful through a better brain, better learning skills, and an early head start.

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