Anamika Rana Astrologer in souranshi inspiring interiors 2020

Anamika Rana Astrologer in souranshi inspiring interiors 2020

Anamika Rana believes that Astrology is a science that uses mathematics and planetary alignments to define the probability of events that might occur in the future. Since human actions and behavior play a major role in influencing the future, several people across the globe seek guidance on how a particular action might turn out in the future. This divine science is designed to provide guidance which helps us prepare for a probable future event rather than mere predictions for the same.Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, and Crystal Healing are different modalities of Astrology that provid guidance about the present and the future using tarot cards, numbers, and crystals as an interpretative tool. Tarot Card Reading is very specific to a situation & time and mostly focuses on the short-term future. In Numerology, the date-of-birth is used as the base for calculating the timing of an event along with the personality of the querent.

Astronomy and Astrology are interrelated. Since ancient times, the astrologers have been studying the position of the planets and the constellations to predict theweather, manage the investments and learning about the destiny of an individual.

Similarly, even today the alignment and movement of the planets in their orbits at the time of birth affects human behavior and their horoscope or birth chart.

Anamika Rana’s Journey

Anamika Rana is an Astrologer,Numerologist, and Tarot Card Reader. She is a Chartered Accountant by educational qualification and had spent her childhood in Jamshedpur post which she moved toDelhi for graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. It was during her college when Anamika first started reading tarot cards and that is when her journey began.

During her journey, Anamika has acquired much-deserved fame as a healer and astrologer. She has been a guiding figure and a trustworthy friend for her clients who are from variousbackgrounds and professions like business, politics; technology, etc. Herclientele is spread across the globe.

In this digital world, Anamika gives credit to technology which helps her stay connected with her clients based in India & overseas and provide guidance to them as and when they need it.

According to Anamika, Astrology is a different kind of science which requires deep knowledge of planetary bodies and how they affect human life and their activities.

“Several people, who believe in logic and science, also believe in predictions through astrology. However, due to the lack of understanding, the majority of people misinterprets this ancient science and dismisses it as a superstition. Astrology is a science that is based on mathematics, logic & astronomy and to interpret its results, people should seek the right guide or mentor. This science is all about belief, faith, and trust.” said Anamika.

Anamika has dedicated over 10 years towards understanding this science and has acquired vast experience as a professional Astrologer. Anamika provides many services like horoscope analysis, tarot card reading,numerology based analysis, business, and name change analysis, crystal healing, relationship consultation and many more.


Anamika is also well versed in VastuShastra which is an ancient Indian science that uses the energy of any physical space, the elements of nature and the physical directions to help optimize the design of buildings and workspaces. Physical spaces aligned with the principles of Vastu, attract positive energies while repelling the negative energies.

In Anamika’s words, Vastu plays a key role in setting up the interiors of a home and office space. The arrangement of the interiors of aphysical space will have an impact on the people living or working in that space.

While planning a physical space consulting a Vastu expert, who can chart out the positioning of various elements, will bring good health, prosperity, and harmony to the inhabitants of that space.

Anamika has some Vastu related tips for the entrance of any house, “A beautiful, well-lit entrance attracts wealth and prosperity. A North-facing entrance attracts prosperity while an East-facing entrance attracts fame. However, depending upon the nature of work and individuals’ birth details,other directions can also be beneficial.”

Years ago, when Anamika first started tarot card reading, the practice was not widely known or accepted. With the increasing availability of information through the internet, experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, there is more awareness amongst the people and their perspective has broadened towards the fields of astrology and occult science. In her opinion, the field of astrology is growing and every day, more and more people are discovering and cherishing the benefits of this science.


Why did you choose this profession? What does this profession mean for you?

Anamika Rana:Honestly, I did not choose this profession but the profession chose me. I first cameacross it while I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy. I was drawn towards it and started researching about it.  The more I learnt, the more I found it interesting and insightful. That’s when I decided that I wanted to spend more time learning about this divine science and use it to help the society.

This profession has given me a way through which I gained the honor of becoming a guide and reliable friend for my clients and help them choose a direction towards a better future.

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Were you into some other profession prior to this?

Anamika Rana: Yes, I was working as an Audit Professional in Big-4 consulting firms before taking up tarot card reading professionally. I am still in touch with my earlier profession as a CA.

What made you believe in astrology and other related things?

Anamika Rana: I had believed in astrology since childhood because I have seen my predictions come true. But I was never aware of the science behind this.It is only after I did my first session and the predictions came true, that I started understanding the science behind it and my belief became even stronger.

What makes this belief stronger as the days pass?

Anamika Rana: The testimonials I receive from my clients worldwide, make my belief stronger and I feel motivated to become a better version of myself.

How do these services benefit your clients?

Anamika Rana: These services benefit my clients because I suggest them practical and easy to do remedies on a daily basis. I try not to keep it complex and rather focus on simple solutions. I also try to explain the logic or science behind every practice so that they can be more receptive towards it.

What effect does numbers; especially prime numbers have in one’s life?

Anamika Rana:In every aspect of our life, numbersappear in one way or the other. Numbers are equally important as alphabets and name spellings. Universally we use the numbers in our day to day life. Their vibrations affect our actions, be it the date, phone number, vehicle number, house number or any other similar aspect. It is important to balance these vibrations to achieve success and harmony.

How can colors play with one’s life?

Anamika Rana: Colors play a vitally important role in today’s world. Colors can influence our thinking, change the course of actions, and also cause reactions. In spiritual terms, they affect the electromagnetic field of the human aura. When used in the right ways, colors can even save on energy and help us to divert it into a higher purpose instead.

What colors must be avoided if one is going through a low phase of life?

Anamika Rana: Just like numbers, colors are equally important in every decision of life. Based on one’s date of birth, they emit vibrations and vary for every individual. The lucky set of colors for one person might not be favorable for the other. Hence, I usuallyrecommend the lucky colors depending on the date of birth and the horoscope details of the person.

According to you, why do people wait for auspicious ‘muhrat’ before important tasks?

Anamika Rana:For any task, there is an auspicioustime, based on the favorable alignment of planets and energy vibrations. If a task is performed at this particular time, the probability of success is higher.

This timing is derived from the person’s birth chart or horoscope. My clients often seek consultation for confirming the auspicious time before taking any important decision be it marriage, business deal or purchasing an asset, etc.

What basic information do you seek from a client before you start a consultation?

Anamika Rana: The most basic information I require is name, date-of-birth and a few other horoscope details. However, in tarot card reading, just the name serves the purpose since its approach is based on energy vibrations of alphabets rather than numerological calculations.

Please share a few tips with our readers to repel the negative energy that might be surrounding them.

Anamika Rana: We interact with many kinds of people every day and their energies influence us in various ways. Since the negative energy causes harm, it is important to get rid of it on a daily basis. The simplest way of balancing it out, is through daily meditation and using rock salt while bathing. This in turn will help us in attaining internal peace, enhancing the efficiency and feel optimistic from within.

Do you feel that your connection with the Almighty is increasing with time? Can you tell us how?

Anamika Rana: Being a professional in the field of Astrology, I have learnt a lot over time and in fact, I feel it is an ongoing process. I have always believed in a higher power and researching the spiritual sciences has led me to understand and develop a strong connection with my inner self and the creator of the universe.

How do you manage stress and challenges in your life?

Anamika Rana: Being a professional in the field of Astrology, I have learnt a lot over time and in fact, I feel it is an ongoing process. I have always believed in a higher power and researching the spiritual sciences has led me to understand and develop a strong connection with my inner self and the creator of the universe.

How do you manage stress and challenges in your life?

Anamika Rana: Meditation is the simplest quick-fix when it comes to managing work and the demands ofdaily life. Since I enjoy my work, I usually never feel stressed out. However, like any human being, there are days when I need to detox and meditate to get my spiritual energy back and rejuvenate myself.

What is that one thing you believe-in the most? What makes your belief stronger?

Anamika Rana: Karma!  I believe that every outcome is related to out karmic energy and maintaining a good karma or doing good deeds is very important. Even if there are some unintentional mistakes, one should always keep doing good actions to generate a positive karmic balance.

Would you like to tell us about your awards and achievements?

Anamika Rana: I feel that my biggest achievement is helping thousands of people lead happier and more fulfilling lives through spiritual guidance. Over the years, I have also received awards and recognition from the media for my work.

But I take the most pride in the testimonials which my clients share with me when they are able to achieve their goals and dreams. It’s these messages which make me happy and keep me motivated.

Do you believe in miracles/ magic?

Anamika Rana: Yes, I believe that miracles do happen especially when you try your best to manifest them. Manifestation is a very powerful technique. I have done several sessions and workshops to educate my clients, students and the general public about thistechnique.

As an entrepreneur, do you consider yourself successful?

Anamika Rana:  I feel that I am yet to achieve a lot in life and I trust that the Universe will show me the right path. I am also grateful for what I have achieved till now and I always thank the Almighty for choosing me to serve a higher purpose.

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