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Does yoga helps with weight loss during quarantine?

Does yoga helps with weight loss during quarantine?

Relax Dont Stress Out.

Yoga doesn’t always end in weight loss immediately as these poses are simple. These yoga-poses focuses totally on building the body flexible, improving concentration, and building your muscular tonus. Once your body gets used to these asanas, you’ll begin to practice Yoga asanas for weight loss. Does yoga help with weight loss during quarantine?

Here are some weight loss yoga poses- 

weight loss yoga poses - Virabhadrasana – Warrior pose

1. Virabhadrasana – Warrior pose

Toning your thighs and shoulders, also as improving your concentration has become more accessible and interesting with the Warrior II pose. The more you hold that pose, the higher the results you gain. With just a couple of minutes of Virabhadrasana, you’ll get tighter quads. It’s one of the best weight loss yoga poses.


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2. Chaturangadandasana – Plank pose

Chaturangadandasana is that the best thanks to strengthening your core. As simple because it looks, its benefits are immense. it’s only you’re within the pose that you simply start to feel its intensity on your abdominal muscles.


3. Trikonasana – Triangle pose

The trikonasana helps to enhance digestion also as reduce the fat deposited within the belly & waist. It stimulates and improves blood circulation within the entire body. The lateral motion of this asana helps you burn more fat and weight loss from the waist and build more muscles within the thighs and hamstrings.

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4.   Dhanurasana  – Bow pose

The Dhanurasana helps massage the abdominal organs, improves digestion, and strengthens the thighs, chest, and back. It stretches your whole body weight loss, strengthens, and tones your muscles with improved blood circulation.

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5. Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Dog pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana tones your whole body with a touch of extra attention to specific muscles. It helps to strengthen your arms, thighs, hamstring and back. Holding this pose and concentrating on your breathing engages your muscles and tones them, also as improves your concentration and blood circulation.

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Does yoga help with weight loss during quarantine?

Yes, Yoga an Indian sort of mind and body rejuvenation has significant benefits for all, from people that are obese and need to shed weight, to people that want to relax. Yoga is an age-old treatment for a well-toned and healthy body and a stress-free mind and weightloss. 

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