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A-Class marble – Largest warehouse marble showroom of India (Rajasthan)

A-Class marble – Largest warehouse marble showroom of India (Rajasthan)

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I would like to take this opportunity to apprise you of the showroom for A-Class marble in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, completed recently by groupDCA Envisaged as an experience centre, it is one of the country’s largest warehouse marble showrooms, spanning 2 floors and comprising retail display spaces, a central experience area, guest rooms and assorted facilities.

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In line with the brief, the architects at groupDCA aspired to produce a novel and innovative space that is rich, avant-garde, luxurious and eclectically customized to reflect the brand’s opulence. Designed to be unfolding, the space slowly exposes itself to the visitor, making the entire experience holistic. While the customer moves around eyeing the samples – the walls, floor and furniture take a subtle step back.

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Being a live display of products, the built quality is state of the art, pushing forward the legacy and lineage of A Class Marble. The experiential design of the showroom transcends the strict lines of business, retail and hospitality by bringing them together and meaningfully fusing them.

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